Need to raise some money for your group or charity? We can help! We’ll work with your and your guests to create beautiful, custom rustic signs while you raise money for your group or charity. RRSW will donate back 15% of the profit made for each sign at your event.*

We will collect payment the day of your event via tap DEBIT cards, or cash. OR- you can sell your tickets through a third party and pay in one large sum BEFORE your fundraising event begins.

Each Workshop Includes:

  • A knowledgeable instructor to guide you step-by-step through your workshop

  • A hand-made and stained cedar board for each guest

  • Personal stencils for each guest

  • All of the required tools and materials for your project

  • A wide variety of paint colours and glitters to choose from

  • Hardware to hang your sign when you get home

*Fundraisers are for groups of 10 or more attendees.

Instructed workshops: (All custom designs, or choose from previous designs)

  • Classic Rustic Sign- 18 inch by 16 inch hand-built cedar boards, stained in each guests choice of grey, special walnut, or dark walnut- starts at $55 per person- we will also allow fundraiser coordinators to increase their prices and receive the FULL increase back plus 15% of the profit of the first $55. Great idea, right?

How do I book? You can contact us at and we’ll help you select a date. Next, we’ll create a private event for you through Facebook where we add in all of the information that your guests will need. We add you as a co-host so that you can invite your guests. This is where your guests can access the password for the secret stencil vault on our website, and chat with us about their stencil designs and stain selections. Most importantly, this is an excellent place to talk about what kind of snacks and wine everyone will be bringing.

$110 non refundable deposit is due upon date confirmation.

The fine print FAQ’s:

What happens if a guest has to cancel last minute? Do they still have to pay? Because all of our boards and stencils are prepped and cut for each individual guest, we will provide a D.I.Y. take-and-make kit for them to complete at a later time. We need to know this BEFORE the event, as we will need to prepare the kit for them. Since it is all custom, we are unable to refund or waive the workshop fee.

What happens if I have to cancel the entire event after the date is confirmed? We understand that things happen and sometimes life throws us curve balls and we need to change our plans, and we will always try our best to accommodate within reason. Cancellations within two weeks of your event will require the host to pay for the minimum number of attendees required for your workshop type. We will provide DIY kits in return. The reason for this is that we hand-build and stain all of our boards, as well as prep all other materials required for our workshop in the weeks prior to the events. We also have to schedule and pay our instructors, so cost recovery is a major factor in a small business like ours.

Optional Add-ons:

  • 26 inch by 14 inch “Farmhouse” style white painted hardboard with a stained wood frame add $10

  • 5 ft by 10 inch “porch” style pine board stained in grey or walnut, or ebony add $10

  • 18 inch diameter pine Circle Board in a stain of your choice add $10

  • CUSTOM design add $15